View Full Version : difference between armhf and armel

2013-10-07, 07:08
:confused: i m totally new to this linux but have some experience in ubuntu and ubuntu touch in gnex...the point is i never know the basic difference between armhf and armel architecture, google and wikipedia sucks in this topic, someone there please help me to get it right from basic or pls post the link of an article regarding this or suggest some books.. i jst wanted to instal and try kali linux in gnex but confused to choose between armel and armhf...

2013-10-07, 11:39
hey pv,

I'm not a guru, however my understand is that armel support soft float that which is support in ARMv4 instruction set and armhf or hard float is support by ARMv7. this is where I got my info from you can decide for yourself




good luck