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2013-10-07, 12:03
Is there support for the rtl8187L driver for arm edition I'm running kali on a galaxy s4 and going to use my alfa awus036 through an otg cable and external power source to power the adapter, the cables are order just now, just looking for clarification.

2013-10-12, 08:21
if you want to enable an external usb wireless adapter in a chroot linux on an android device, there's a certain amount of hoops that youll need to jump through.
it's not for beginers and linux newbies and or android newbies. I've done it on a few android devices with different usb adapters.
first youll need to have the linux chroot installed on your android device (looks like you have kali already)
everything needs to be done in the chroot on your device.
first youll need to have your android devices kernel source so you can Compile and install the drivers for your usb adapter. (if you dont know what that means or how to do it then this is not for you)
after youve compiled the drivers/modules for your wireless device then you will need to
apt-get install wicd-curses (or wicd-cli if you prefer), wpasupplicant and dbus plus any of its dependancies
then you will need to turn off the android devices internal wireless THIS MUST BE DONE ELSE YOUR PHONE WILL CRASH!
then you will need to insmod your modules (in your case they will be eeprom_93cx6.ko, mac80211.ko, rtl8187) should be done in that order.
start dbus and wicd (/etc/init.d/dbus start; /etc/init.d/wicd start)
run wicd-curses (or wicd-cli), refresh the network list and connect to your network
configure dns for android to your dns or to googles (setprop net.dns1

To stop using external usb wifi, reverse the steps; basically:
stop wicd and dbus (/etc/init.d/wicd stop; /etc/init.d/dbus stop)
kill any running dhcp clients (killall dhclient)
rmmod your modules (in my case eeprom_93cx6.ko, mac80211.ko, rtl8187) should be done in that order

getting usb wireless adapters to work with otg cables can vary slightly from device to device and from rom version to rom/kernel version. this is a basic explanation on how its done. if you would like more detail please post your specific device details.

2014-03-12, 10:09
I would like to use my android phone (huawei ideos u8150-d / gpl kernel source 2.6.32) as a wardriving device with gps and 2 alfaS. I downloaded armeabi 4.4 for my ideos.
I've tried to cross compile rtl8187 on xubuntu32bit 3.11 unsuccessed obviosly that kernel and headers aren't no more available for ubuntu.