View Full Version : Black Screen when installing Kali on HP Touchsmarttm2 corei3

2013-04-12, 06:32
I had been struggling to install Backtrack on my Touchsmarttm2 and it never worked though it always worked on a virtual environment...
And I am having the same problem installing KALI on my Hp touchsmarttm2 core i3... It gives me a blackscreen.
I am booting/installing Kali from a USB flash drive... Grub loads correctly and easily and when Kali installation starts loading for a while and the screen goes off... Any immediate help would be appreciated....

2013-04-12, 22:21
Try DVD live and check sha1 on your download. Make sure the USB has no bad blocks.

Always check sha1 after download is complete. Then check if USB device is 100% functional (no bad blocks or sectors).