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2013-10-09, 17:18
Raspberry Pi
I have this dongle http://www.canyon-tech.com/products/connectivity/wireless/CNP-WF518N2
Realtek RTL8188SU

Following by realtek instructions(I downloaded drivers from realtek not from canyon, 8188su) to edit Makefile it says you can create new CONFIG_PLATFORM_NEWxxx = y
What CONFIG_PLATFORM_NEW = y name is for Raspberry Pi(something like CONFIG_PLATFORM_ARM_PXA2XX) does name makes difference?

Next I need to add this

ifeq ($(CONFIG_PLATFORM_NEWxxx), y)
ARCH := arm
CROSS_COMPILE := /opt/new/toolchain/arm-eabi-4.4.3/bin/arm-eabi-
KSRC := /opt /new/kernel

What I should write here = CROSS_COMPILE - KSRC??

When I have saved file I can execute make, it will generate .ko file
then I can install it like this insmod 8712u.ko?
Will it be loaded and ready to go, or I need to do something additional?