View Full Version : Japanese Keyboard Layout - can't type Pipe key or Virtical Bar

Reazul Hassan
2013-04-12, 07:54

I installed Kali Linux in my VirtualBox on Win7. Everything is smooth and running well except one thing. I cannot type in a "pipe key" or "vertical bar". (My M$-Windows system does not have that problem)

I am using a japanese keyboard. For Input Method I configured Anthy using uim-pref-gtk. The layout available in the system that almost matches my physical keyboard is Japanese (OADG 109A).
But in that LAYOUT I see no pipe key! I have inspected the other available japanese layouts in the System Settings-> Region and Language->Layouts

These are what I see in my system under Japanese Language:

1. Japanese
2. Japanese (Kana)
3. Japanese (Kana 86)
4. Japanese (Macintosh)
5. Japanese (OADG 109A)
6. Japanese (PC-98xx Series )

It appears that none of them has a way to type a pipe key. Am I missing something ? Or do I have to install/configure some other packages.

Can some please shed some light on this? Its really frustrating not being able pipe out in console/terminal in a linux box.

Thanks in advance.
Reazul Hassan

2014-04-28, 08:42
Choose 1. Japanese you can type those keys.