View Full Version : FATAL: Modules ip_tables not found

2013-10-17, 12:14
I am having a issue and it seems it has something to do with Kali Linux for Pi not having the ip_tables Module loaded in the Kernel. I have been working this issue for over a week. I am new to this and have little background in programming or building a kernel. If anyone could please help and perhaps give me a link with a walk-thru on how to laod this module into the kernel that would be great. Note I have already run the rpi update and this did not fix the issue and yes iptables is loaded, this was confirmed with and apt-get install iptables. Also when with lsmod this module is not shown as loaded.

Thank You

2013-11-03, 17:54
I'm in the same boat, did you ever get it working? i've read a few things about building a new kernel to enable it but all the sites i find start out with an assumption that i know what i'm doing already :-/