View Full Version : New Kali Desktop needs testing

2013-10-24, 23:00
I have backported compiz-0.9.10+13.10.20131011 to Kali ( along with a shed load of patches to strip out unity ), as well as emerald, these 2 can make the baisis of quite a excellent DE, Since i am running a jessie-kali mix and dont have time to vm it need testers
Compiled debs are here
All debs are debian complient, nothing naughty :), if many people using it will sign em


just clone or download the zip

Also doing the same to cinnamon 2.02 ( git ) also backported to kali


built packages for kali unstable and testing now here https://github.com/Jubei-Mitsuyoshi/debian-public-packages
and sources for projects here https://github.com/Jubei-Mitsuyoshi/debian