View Full Version : Kali on new HP Chomeboook 11

2013-11-02, 01:05
hey all,

I just purchased the new HP Chomebook 11 with the hopes of running Kali off of a thumb drive. Doing a little research the Samsung chromebook and HP chromebook 11 use the same ARM Processor so i figured it would run without a hitch but after getting the thumb drive ready and hitting CRTL-U I am greeted with a black screen that goes no where. Any suggestions on where to go troubleshooting since I am given no text feedback on what is causing the boot to fail.


2014-02-23, 01:30
As a new member, I just ran across your post (Feb 22, 2014).
No answers since Nov 2013?
I have Kali up and running on my HP Chromebook 11, if your issue still not resolved, please let me know.

2014-02-28, 06:47
I believe Prymal was assisted via IRC, but in case anyone is curious what the issue was...

While the Samsung and HP ARM Chromebooks are indeed the same hardware, their bootloader is different, so the HP Chromebook requires it's own image, you can't repurpose the Samsung image without a few changes.