View Full Version : rpi hdmi to vga with kali img

2013-11-07, 06:10
So I have done this once before but it has been months and I remember I changed the display by going into my wheezy IMG file and editing it in the line that had the default display # option. Tried to do the same thing with the Kali IMG which I'm not a super computer geek.. Just started getting my feet wet and thought that the RPI would be a good place to start. Because I do not know much I was already kind of freaking out when my file didn't end in .IMG but rather .IMG.xz then finding a free source code editor that can handle the 2. something gb of txt of kali img for the rpi is impossible. However I did manage to view the file with large file viewer or some other app for windows, but to no avail because it is encrypted... So here I sit any advice would be greatly appreciated.. Just a side note everything I do to get this started is with a regular pc with windows 7 os. So if you know of a free code editor that can handle these large files that can be used on windows do tell, also what the encryption key is for Kali IMG file...

2013-11-08, 03:15
confirmed that it is not a display issue, used a regular hdmi hook up to hd tv and didnt get anything just a blank screen so now to try again on the download that came directly from kali.org...

2013-11-09, 22:54
several things needed done first that I was unaware of as a beginning linux user and a not so good computer tech... First the xz file still will not work so I downloaded a previous version the first version, unpackaged it with winrar and then extracted it to my pi boots folder. This worked no need for coded display change like in kali once I unpackaged the disk img and wrote it to my sd card with win32 disk imager everything was good... I am now on the first boot, and a little stuck with the first commands needed I already did the apt-get update with the ethernet plugged in now I need to see whats next for the boot. However this does immediately work with my vga monitor... I am so happy right now...