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2013-11-07, 16:59
Hello to all KaliCommunity, I would like to share with you all a Tutorial that i've written during good old Backtrack days.

My point is not to show that I'm an expert, which I'm not, i just want to thank the community with my work since i've learned a lot from the community because you made it possible. I hope this first independent study can help a lot of begginers as i was and learned a lot in documents like this one.

I hope i release my second independent study on Exploitation and MITM very soon.

I hope everything is alright with me posting this here since i've found here papers like this one and they were very useful.

Link to download:

Feedback always appreciated, feel free to contact me on nunofreitas9@gmail.com

2013-11-15, 09:34
Thank you, great post

2013-11-15, 22:41
Thank you Nuno.

2013-11-18, 22:02
You're welcome

2013-11-26, 18:37
Bom tutorial ! Parabéns :D

2013-12-06, 10:31
Thank you, great post !!!

2014-01-08, 22:42
thanks strakar we are glade to share your stories ;)

2014-01-12, 19:42
Thanks Bro!!

Very cool! Your tutorial is really very useful and written very well!!!

I hope that you will do others!