View Full Version : Hi guys i want some help for the samsung chromeboook install the kali linux

2013-11-27, 16:45
First thing, i use the SDcard and USBdiak to boot at chromeboook.
But is not working, I already in the developer mode.
try the use the Chrome terminal setting usbboot(or sdcard)
#sudo crossystem
#sudo crossystem dev_boot_usb=1
#sudo crossystem dev_boot_legacy=1
#sudo crossystem dev_boot_signed_only=1
is just going dark and turing chrome developer Prompt again
i know this way at kali Official didn't speak of
but use the kali official way is not work and not too

at the official ARM file taking about how the setting the USBdisk and SDcard boot is not helpfor and not work at all.

now i trying cheak the Archlinux official install in chrome to Reference.

i want some boby Already Success can Tall me how to do it.

2013-11-30, 23:36
After writing the image to USB or SD all that should be required it putting the chromebook in dev mode "esc+refresh+power", then enabled dev firmware with "chromeos-firmwareupdate --mode=todev" and finally crossystem dev_boot_usb=1. Then any correctly written Kali drive should work fine.

2013-12-02, 13:39
In the directions, they tell you to set partition one with a higher priority in order to boot from the SD card. I found out, however, that you need to set partition two to a higher priority to boot from the SD card.

For example:

cgpt add -i 1 -S 1 -T 5 -P 5 -l KERN-A /dev/sdb
cgpt add -i 2 -S 1 -T 5 -P 10 -l KERN-B /dev/sdb
for SD card