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2013-12-01, 10:20
Pyrit and cpyrit-cuda, compiled and packaged from git, unlike the native debian packages work with cuda.
winexe modified and recompiled to avoid a file conflict with nvidia-cuda-toolkit ( not fully tested ),
ubuntu compiz ( saucy ) modified and compiled for kali.
Many other packages compiled for kali-root only environment ( ie gksu and other authorisations totally removed from the source )
The debs and source are here https://github.com/Jubei-Mitsuyoshi/aaa-debian-repo
This is a full repo, so just git clone it then add to sources list as file-repo location,
Each package has own git, list of are here

To acess this repo.

cd <some dir>
apt-get install git
git clone https://github.com/Jubei-Mitsuyoshi/aaa-debian-repo.git
echo "deb [trusted=yes] file:///<path/to/some/dir> <your distro ie kali,unstable or testing> main"
apt-get update

Then use you favorate package manager system to install the packages

Notes. currently this repo is unsigned due to lazyness but for the paranoid all the
sorces are available in regular debian manner