View Full Version : Alternate Way of Setting Eterm Backgrounds by using the Command Line

2013-12-09, 07:15
When you run up an Eterm screen you will probably see a Eterm Terminal Window that takes you back to Woodstock Or you think crazy ants have infected your computer. One way of getting rid of these backgrounds making your data unreadable is to add --cmod "red" right after the -g command at the beginning of the Eterm Command Line.

An example of the first part of an Eterm Command Line is seen below:

Eterm -g 100X20-0-0 --cmod "red" -T "Name of Eterm Window"

The -g sets the position and size of the Eterm Window

--cmod "red" tricks the program into not using these crazy default backgrounds

-T sets the name of the window.

We know there are other ways - this way though is easy and to the point.