View Full Version : Cannot Install Kali on VirtualBox

2013-04-13, 08:30
Im trying to install kali on Vbox 4.2.6. when using text base installation i got installation failed when copying system file.
When try to using GUI install it show error "Some program might be trying to access hardware directly".
How to solve this ?

http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/9271/kalierrorspurious620x28.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/716/kalierrorspurious620x28.jpg/)

im on windows 7 64 ultimate
Vbox configuration is :
RAM = 256 - 512 MB
HDD = 5 - 8 GB
Partition = Guide use entire disk

2013-04-15, 03:06
You need to give it more memory, and give it about 20gigs of space if you plan on the system running smooth. Other thing boot into the gui and install it that way. Trust me it will be better. I have mine running smooth on vb.

2013-04-15, 05:27
Yup Malachai says right. INstallation takes 7.5GB HDD space. U need to give more HDD space.
512 MB RAM is fine though.

And graphical install did not give me any problem.

2013-04-15, 05:52
if you install on vbox don't forget to change your v machine settings to boot up off the os in the partition you created for it before your next v box reboot/start up .

2013-04-16, 05:22
Also make sure you are using the VM Kali Image. Not the normal installation image.