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2014-01-22, 00:54
For those that know about Netcut - this program needs no introduction. For those that do not there is the Linux version call Tuxcut.

Google that latest tuxcut 5.1
We downloaded tuxcut-5.1-src.tar.gz
We put it in a folder called tuxcut and ran

tar -zxvf tuxcut-5.1-src.tar.gz

Next you need these dependencies

apt-get install

python, PyQt4, arp-scan, arptables, dsniff, wondershaper

We couldn't load PyQt4 or PyQt4-dev-tools but the program still ran.

Allow in the /properties/permssions to allow executing tuxcut.py file as a program

From a terminal window go to the tuxcut folder and type ./tuxcut.py

The program will run.

You can use Tuxcut in a variety of ways.

1. If you want to download something on a major ISP and cannot because it is too slow run tuxcut. Temporarily shut off all those connected and download your file. You will find many-times the problem is simply that hundreds of Android phones are sitting on the system clogging the bandwidth as they wait for someone to send them their next e-mail.

2. You can use Netcut/Tuxcut with your favorite Man-in-the-Middle(MITM) program be it Cain or Ettercap and go router-password phishing. You may see the Administrator on the system. You can shut down some clients and leave others operating. Try and force the administrator to log on to the router during a MITM and get his router username/password by shutting down clients to include the administrator temporarily. If WPS is enabled but locked we then harvest the WPS pin which will allow a quick reaver entry if the WPA code is changed.

3. You can hide your presence on the ISP by spoofing the mac address of a client.

We are sure there are other uses.


2014-01-23, 07:12
thanks for the share mate..just want to ask this..im a real noob both on kali and linux...isn't there a tool which can do this on kali preinstalled? im used to netcut and its very easy to use..im planning to use this too..but im in doubt that maybe im there is an existing tool on kali which can do what tuxcut can..again thanks.

2014-01-23, 11:40
There maybe a program on kali that emulates Netcut but we do not know about it. But if you work thru the install procedures you should not have any problems. If there is anything you do not understand in these instructions just ask and we will try and explain it better. If there is a failing here, it is our explanation that is at fault, not your ability to understand it.

2014-01-24, 11:01
i have installed it and like what you have said i cant install the PyQt4..i tried to run it and it did until the message "this is not a redhat.." something like that appeared. though i can see the UI, all i can see is the router not a single workstation is displayed..even my own MAC and IP is not visible..pardon me for my grammar..i have used netcut in winblows..guess its me being a newbie on linux system makes it more difficult to comprehend..though im thankful to you guys for the help...

2014-01-25, 09:53
Everything that we can see is normal. We get the same warnings.

First make sure you are actually associated to an AP on your wireless or connected to the internet thru your wired interface. Type iwconfig in a terminal window and read the associations. If it is a wireless interface you will see the name of the Router or essid.

Now you should have gotten a small window when you ran Tuxcut asking you which wireless interface you are going to have tuxcut use. Tuxcut shows you the possibilities. For example you might be connected to a router thru wlan0. In that case choose wlan0 and you should at least get the routers IP. If there are clients you will see them as well.

Write again if it still doesn't work.


2014-04-11, 22:53
Tuxcut can be downloaded at:


2015-03-11, 00:34
Obtaining a router username and password can be done with brute force tools like burbsuitepro. Hydra can be used but it tends to give too many false positives and the standard version of burbsuite is just too slow. MTeams have actually had far more success by simply using a program combination of Cain and Netcut.

A Man In The Middle attack is setup with Cain and then Netcut is used to intermittently send the targets' IP to the Basrsoomian Hills on Mars.

Invariably the client runs to the router to find the problem and in doing so provides the username and password pair. Many times Netcut does not even have to be employed - just the slowness of the connection causes the user to check the router settings.

Since this is a linux forum we suggest a Man in the middle approach be explored using ettercap and tuxcut.