View Full Version : Tryig to get kali linux started on a sm-n900p(Sprint Note 3)

2014-01-31, 04:17
I have tried using Linux deploy but all i get is failed.... failed.... failed.... and have no idea why it is doing that when i have root and busybox installed and working.
I tried using vnc server from another article but it did the same thing as linux deploy did and says fails to start. if anyone knows how i can get this working on my note 3 i would be much apreciated.

2014-02-18, 13:44
If you want help you should really let us know what "failed". I'm no wizard, but managed to get it to work on my nook hd+, though still figuring out how to get kali apps on Linux deploy. A problem for another day.

2014-04-17, 19:01
Error as bellow:

Error: Unable to create loop device!

2014-05-09, 12:06
yes bro! i have same problem with my p601 (galaxy note 2014).loooooooooooooop device! i'm really angry!