View Full Version : How to hack a Belkin Belkin N450 routers home page.

2014-02-02, 08:18
Okay so the title says it all really im gonna show you a little flaw i found to hack into a Belkin Belkin N450 routers home page. if the password is changed if not than its not needed.

Step one go to http://router/login.html and try default password which is no password if one is set you'll get something like this.

No need to worry just inspect the element of the page press ctr F and type in "cur_passwd" with quotes this will take you to the password of the router but its encrypted in oh no!! I guess all hope is lost sad face. not really this is in a base64 encryption.

so how do we decode this if we dont know Base64? lol dont ask just go here to http://www.base64decode.org/ how convenient and decode your password.

now that we decoded the password we can do what we please with the router :) hope yall enjoy.

2014-02-03, 19:40
Nice job ;)