View Full Version : galaxy note 10.1 2014:having android & kali together???

2014-02-03, 13:48
hello guys.first excuse me because my English is not very good.
question:is there any way to have both of them kali and android in note 2014?
1-dual boot kali and android
2-live boot kali from usb flash or external dvd-rom

i' m buying it please help me i want both OS

2014-02-28, 06:54
Hi Puma,

I do not know the differences between the 2013 version and the 2014 version, so I can't say one way or the other if it will install. Worst case scenario, you could always use LinuxDeploy - there are instructions for it on docs.kali.org

2014-05-09, 12:01
tanx dear friend.but i have loop device problem now.i have rooted my p 601 and how can i fix loop problem?

2014-06-02, 09:53
I have no idea what you're asking here. without any further information, it's hard to say. perhaps you need to do a recovery, because you rooted it incorrectly?