View Full Version : Android installation problem

2014-02-20, 01:28
I'm having trouble installing Kali on my S3 using Linux Deploy. I am trying to install the image on the external SD card and when I point it installation path to the new folder I created. The folder path when looking at it from a file explorer app shows storage/sdcard1/linux. So when I change the installation path in Linux Deploy I get the following error when it goes through configuration process. "mount: mounting /storage/sdcard1/linux/linux.img on /data/local/linux/mnt failed: No such file or directory. Fail"

This worked when I first got my phone a couple months back when it had Android 4.1.2, but now that I've updated the version to 4.3 and recently to 4.4 Cyanogenmod, it's not functioning as it did from the true stock ROM.

I've done a preliminary search for issues installing Kali on an Android device and haven't seen anything similar to what I'm experiencing. If anyone has any suggestions or LMGTFY pointers let me know. In the meantime I'll continue searching.