View Full Version : How to make suggestions to modify errors in Kali Documentation?

2014-02-25, 18:17
Is there a forum or preferred way to make suggestions for changes in the Kali Documentation?

2014-02-26, 08:50
You can reply to this thread or join the IRC channel (freenode, #kali-linux) or email in (see here: http://www.kali.org/about-us/)

2014-02-27, 02:50
Ok, thank you.

It would be helpful to clarify the Docs at http://docs.kali.org/installation/kali-linux-live-usb-install in the instructions:

Kali Linux Live USB Install Procedure
Imaging Kali on a Windows Machine
Plug your USB stick into your Windows USB port and launch the Win32 Disk Imager software

The problem I have is that when I download the Win32 Disk Imager it doesn't default to looking for an ISO file. Instead it only wants to look for an IMG file.

Reviewing the Win32 wiki here (http://sourceforge.net/p/win32diskimager/wiki/Home/) it says "It [Win32 Disk Imager] currently does not* support writing an ISO image to usb."

So I am not sure what to do at this point? The Wiki does go on to say "Writing standard ISO images is not supported, however hybrid images created with Syslinux's isohybrid does work."

Is Kali considered a Syslinux isohybrid?

A number of posts indicate a similar problem, with most of the Win32 attempts failing in some way or another.




So I did force Win32 Disk Imager to use the ISO and it did successfully create a bootable LiveUSB flash drive (write-up thread (https://forums.kali.org/showthread.php?20529-Win32-Disk-Imager-Successful-Install-(Windows-XP-Box-Kali-LiveUSB-32-bit))). Thank you

2015-02-05, 02:28
hello all,
i have a question,you know in status page of udpxy ,it is possible to reset udpxy that may make problem.
my question :is it possible to disable status page without recompiling the pakage?

2015-02-16, 08:10
Here are my questions but not found