View Full Version : Installin on IBM x3250 M4

2013-04-13, 22:55

I have installed backtrack 5 R2/R3 64bits on my IBM x3250, and I haven´t had problems.

I am trying to install Kali Linux 1.0 64bits on my server, but when language screen appears the system freeze.

Help me please.


2013-04-15, 03:52
how did you create the installer USB or CD.
Is this a clean hard drive or one that had a previous install on it

try using Universal USB Installer to create the USB installer

2013-04-16, 05:24
Remember though Universal USB installer will not work by default, will have to make some adjustments. The win32disk Imager is recommended for a USB install or dd.

Edit* I just read its been upgraded to support Kali. My bad.