View Full Version : Why com on air dedected software is missing?

2014-02-28, 20:08

Why com on air dedected software is missing?

I think is the only one and the best software for wireless dect phones and it was available on Backtrack but not on Kali :(

Is it a guide on how to install it on Kali and if it works in general using any workarounds?

Thank you

2014-03-14, 11:49
I need it too! dedected.org is offline. Does anyone know anything about it?

2014-03-19, 19:46
I think someone must adjust it to start working with the new kernel ....

2014-04-18, 10:20
hi!! i have a problem in installing package in my kali 64bit
help me to solve this ...

2014-04-20, 10:15
I don't think it will work on the new kernel without modifying it.

Let's hope an expert will look at it :)