View Full Version : Wireless problem - ALFA AWUS036NH

2014-03-04, 16:27
I purchased an ALFA USB wireless adapter for my computer. When Kali is installed on my laptop, the ALFA USB adapter works perfectly out of the box. However, when I attempt to use the same adapter using Kali on my Pi, no wireless extensions are available when I run iwconfig.

I have ran "apt-get install iw" but the issue still remains.

Has anyone had any success installing the ALFA driver on their Pi?

Thank You for any assistance.

2014-03-07, 17:10
I wanted to let you all know that I found a solution for this issue. Apparently, there were wifi issues in 1.0.4 and 1.0.5. I downloaded and installed 1.0.6a and it works perfectly out of the box.

2015-08-20, 23:34
Can you use reaver without problems? I can't

2015-08-21, 16:40
Is this with 2.0? Also, just saying "I can't run it without problems" doesn't tell us ANYTHING. What are the problems? Where are the logs? Where's the output? Help us help you by providing more than "IT DOESN'T WORK ZOMG"