View Full Version : Error installing Kali using Linux Deploy

2014-03-06, 02:29
I have a Galaxy S3 that I was able to install Kali on a couple months back. A few weeks ago I wiped the phone and upgraded to Cyanogenmod / Android 4.4. After I restored everything I noticed that Kali wasn't working anymore so I removed it and went through the "simple" process of installing it again via Linux Deploy. The issue I'm having now is that during the installation I see an error saying invalid path. I noticed that the default path that had worked previously http://http.kali.org/kali seems to have changed. I searched through the folders and noticed that things have been moved around so I updated the path to http://http.kali.org/dists/kali/. Now when I attempt to install Kali I get the message " E: Failed getting release file http://http.kali.org/dists/kali/dists/kali/Release".

The path listed in the error above seems to have replicated /dists/kali which makes sense as to why it can't find anything, because that folder structure doesn't exist. Since I can't seem to manually point it to proper location of the release file, any help on getting Kali installed would be nice.

2014-03-09, 13:17
it's a dns issue with linux deploy and android 4.4, just delete /data/local/linux/bin/wget to make this working ;)

2014-03-09, 13:22
double post sry