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2014-03-10, 19:37
Adding menu items to your custom ISO image

If you’re looking to download an ISO image go here: http://www.kali.org/downloads/
If you’re looking to create an updated ISO image go here: http://docs.kali.org/live-build/generate-updated-kali-ISO
If you’re looking to change your desktop check here: http://docs.kali.org/live-build/customize-the-kali-desktop-environment and here: https://forums.kali.org/showthread.php?10-Customize-the-Kali-Desktop-KDE-Gnome-Mate-XFCE-LXDE-e17-etc
This guide assumes that you have already been able to successfully build a custom or at the very least, an updated ISO image using the live build system. It also assumes that you are using the Gnome desktop.

Adding custom menu items is very simple. The process is no different than adding any other files to a custom ISO image. I have found it easiest to simply create the menu items in your existing installation. “Applications Menu> System Tools> Preferences> Main Menu” if your doing this from the desktop.
Then copy the files that were created to the proper directory inside the live build directory. You can accomplish this by copying the files located at
$HOME/.config/menus/ to $HOME/.config/menus/ inside your build folder.
In my case I copied “$HOME/.config/menus/” to “$HOME/live-build-config/config/includes.chroot/root/.config/menus/”.
Now we need to move the .desktop files from
$HOME/.local/share/applications/ to the corresponding directory inside your build folder.
In my case I copied “$HOME/.local/share/application/” to “$HOME/live-build-config/config/includes.chroot/root/.local/share/applications/”.
You must create the menu items first or these directories will be empty.
I used this to add a menu item to the Media Capture menu for the record my desktop GUI (gtk-recordmydesktop) after I added it to the ISO image.
Hope this saved you some time.