View Full Version : Samsung Gal Note 10.1 GT-N8010 with Linux Deploy, external Atheros 2971 drivers?

2014-03-12, 04:04
Hi All,

New to the forums so please be kind :)
I have installed Kali on my Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8010 through Linux Deploy and all is working well. I have searched high and low over forums but cannot find a solid answer regarding getting it to recognize external WIFI adapters. I have the USB Connection Kit from Samsung and an Alfa external card with an Atheros 2970 chipset from what i can workout.
I am not sure if i need to get drivers into the android OS initially or if i can put some strait into Kali. Would it be preferable to natively install Kali onto the pad without deploy? Has anyone been able to get any external wifi adapters working and working happily with Aircrack suite.

Any help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.

2014-03-12, 14:37
The short answer is going to be no, you can't just plug in external adapters and they work. 99.999% of tablets have a very customized kernel configuration for the hardware that is in the tablet and ONLY that configuration. They do not typically enable other wifi chipsets because there is no telling what interactions and issues they may cause (I have a device here that if you unplug the external wifi, it causes a kernel panic/reboot cycle) - So keep that in mind when running on top of Android.

Installing natively can be very tricky, as there is a lot of initial setup that would need to be done before you can test it. I haven't finished the script that creates our GT-N8000 image yet (issues with the way it builds the kernel that I'm still trying to sort out.) otherwise I'd point you at that, as a base, since I'm not sure what the difference is between the Gnote I have, and the N8010.

I'd suggest searching the net to see about installing Debian natively, and see what others have done, then you can typically replace Debian with Kali, since they are essentially the same thing - just remember if you build your own kernel, that you'll still need to patch mac80211 for injection if you're interested in doing so.