View Full Version : Kali on Cubieboard 3 aka Cubietruck

2014-05-06, 21:06
Did anybody try a Kali setup on a Cubietruck? I tried several constellations, direct boot from SD card, Berryboot on SD card, but Cubietruck doesn't boot at all with those. Has anybody an idea? Maybe it's possible to create an image which is compatible with Livesuit for direct flashing to Cubietrucks NAND?

Thanks a lot!

2014-05-26, 20:00
Would love to find more about this too. I am yet to find relative documentation.

2014-06-02, 09:44
Flashing to NAND is a bit difficult with the kernel sources as Allwinner's NAND driver is kinda... convoluted. I'm not sure what the latest is, but the last I knew, in order to even support NAND, you had to use the lichee-dev branch, which is quite a bit older than the branch that we use. If you wanted to build an image for the cubietruck, you'd likely want to look at the cubieboard2's build script. I actually modified it the other day for someone to build an image for the cubietruck (was it you?) but I never heard back if it worked or not, and I can't recall their IRC nick.