View Full Version : [FIX] Detecting Network Hardware Fail - FIX!!

2014-05-11, 15:50
Hi guys,

For the past few months I have been struggling with how to install Kali Linux as the installation would always get stuck after detecting network hardware on my laptop.
If this is the case for you, then I have found a simple solution to this problem!

First of all, you have to know whether you want to install Kali along side other operating systems or you want it to be the only operating system on your computer.
If the later is your case, you can skip this step:
First of all, you need to go on your operating system and create unallocated space for Kali Linux (minimum 10 GB is recommended), or you can live boot Kali, go to gparted and create FREE SPACE through there.
There are many guides online on how to do that, but if you are struggling, you can comment here, and I will attempt to help you.
Once you have your free space, you need to live boot Kali (if you haven't already) and from there go to System Tools -> Install Kali Linux
This stage will pass the detecting network hardware successfully and will prompt you to log in to your internet if you have wifi or select your ethernet card if you are with a cable. Follow the on screen instructions until you get to the partitioning part.
Once at the partitioning part, if you want to have Kali as your only OS, select the first option and follow the on screen instructions. NOTE -> this will erase everything you have on your hard disk!!
If you want to install Kali alongside other OSs, then here you would select manual. You will get to a window with all your partitions on your hard disk. Look for the free space you have created earlier - it should be labeled FREE SPACE. Select it and click continue. After that select "create new partition" and press continue. Select the size you want the partition to be and press continue. Choose beginning and press continue. Then select "done setting up" and afterwards "finish partitioning". From here on, follow the on-screen instructions and your system should install.

Good luck!