View Full Version : Raspberry pi - some kali cmds aren't working

2014-05-15, 18:43
I just installed Kali Linux on my raspberry pi. Connected through Wi-Fi dongle to home wi-fi, and I wanted to test how it's safe with AirPort Time Capsule... I issued apt update and apt upgrade, and I wanted to start working with this. But, many Kali commands says: command not found. For example: arpspoof, sslstrip.. (just installing wifite through apt-get) I tried installing them through apt-get, but them wasn't found. And, the Applications menu is practically empty, only some non-security apps... Should I reinstall? Or I am soooo big idiot?

2014-06-02, 09:45
The rpi image is really stripped down. Have a look at http://www.kali.org/news/kali-linux-metapackages/