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2014-06-09, 05:43
Although every member of the Kali-Linux community is more than capable of discovering what it is they need to discover, I was inclined to share this find. We already have an official documentation/guide for downloading, installing and troubleshooting Kali but after searching the forum, I could not find one post pointing to an actual guide for using the tools. Obviously, Kali is still being explored and although classes are coming, there won't be a public release for months. Without further reserve, visit:


for a complete tutorial for using Kali. If you're not familiar with PenTest Magazine, I suggest you Google-Fu and subscribe. Or just Google-Fu and download. The rest is up to you. Enjoy!

2015-04-02, 21:57
This link no longer works.

2015-06-08, 19:58
tons of google mirrors http://www.infinitynetworks.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Kali-Scanning-for-HIPAA-Final-Draft.pdf

2015-07-28, 19:22
THe last link posted also don't works