View Full Version : no wifi on SS-808

2014-06-30, 23:19
Hi! I'm a longtime Linux user and just want to do something with my old SS-808 Android TV stick that is simple for any Linux distro and especially from what I read about kali. What I want to do is set up kali on my SS-808 to just stream pandora music using pianobar. I checked in a wheezy repo and saw that the pianobar package is available with apt-get. What I also want to do is use another Android device and an app called pianobar remote. I've already done this on a netbook running Ubuntu and know what needs to be done. In order for the network remote to work I need to allow ssh to operate within kali once the wifi is activated.

So, I already have the kali image installed and working on my SS-808. I just need to know how to get my wifi chip going so that I can use apt-get to start installing packages. I did read in the Kali document (book) that internet activity is disabled by default to make kali more secure. Since I'm not paying any bills with my SS-808 and just want to stream music, security is not my concern. I just want to use kali as a headless server which I cannot figure out with picuntu (although people have done it).

Can anybody help me accomplish these goals with kali?