View Full Version : Kali on Samsung Chromebook 2 13" ?

2014-07-04, 19:50
Has anyone successfully loaded the Kali Samsung Chromebook image onto the new Samsung Chromebook 2 13"? I'd pull the trigger if I know the 1920 x 1080 screen works with the Kali ARM image.

2014-07-07, 00:37
I've tried USB booting both the ARMEL and ARMHF images for 1.0.7, as well as 1.0.6a. No luck; just annoying beeping.

2014-08-12, 14:16
Same. I was hoping to get it done before I went on holiday. Any insight into this by a more experienced user would be appreciated.

2014-08-13, 15:01
It looks like a second 1080p ARM chromebook is coming out on the market soon (Acer Chromebook 13 CB5-311-T1UU). If anyone is able to create a working Kali Linux build for either of these 1080p chromebooks, please post here!

2015-01-19, 19:20
I bought one and started looking into the issue processor supports ARMHF same as the first version and this model is using a slightly different bootloader
binaries that actually boot (instead of just beeping) can be found here http://linux-exynos.org/dist/chromebook/nv_uboot/
the code name for this model is peach pi and the 11" version is code named peach pit so far I was able to build a root filesystem without issues
but this model does not seems to be supported on Kernel 3.4 so I modified the existing kernel configuration files for version 3.8 and trying to use the
official Kernel used by Google's ChromeOS and patching it to fit the needs of Kali ;) (I did this once before for a different platform)
I'm slightly stuck but I think i'll get this sorted and post a recipe for creating the image in a few days depending on my available time
so far this is what I've got is attached to this post -> http://pastebin.com/XY417crV

2015-02-09, 19:02
I don't have Samsung Chromebook 2 13', However, I do have the Samsung Chromebook xe303c12. I successfully installed Kali Linux with the XFCE Desktop Enviroment. I am able to boot the chromeos side by side with Kali. At first I had none of the tools needed for pen testing or anything that Kali is known for. I later installed the Kali Full Metapackage, which gave me all of the tools I wanted. Here are some links for how to do this, I believe these should work on nearly any chromebook, especially on the Chromebook 2.



Sorry if you guys dont like the post, its my first so please excuse me.