View Full Version : Reset Kali linux root password! Insecure??

2014-07-05, 05:56
Have you locked yourself out of Kali linux because you forgot the logon password at startup?
Well, this guide will tell you how to reset it.

When booting your machine, make sure to interrupt at the grub boot screen.
Once grub has loaded select your kernel and press "e".

Look for the line that starts with linux boot....and ends with quiet
Delete quiet and insert rw init=/bin/bash please see screen shot attached.

after you have typed, press Ctrl+X to boot machine. You will get a root prompt.
and hit enter.
it will ask for new root password.


2015-06-01, 00:40
will be more useful if you upload 2 pic with better resolution, one pic from before and oher with after editing the line..

Very good info

2015-08-25, 09:49
Works perfectly for me !
thank you ! i was going too reinstall kali ... :D