View Full Version : Meet problem when dual Boot Kali with Windows on RAID0-SSD disk

2013-04-15, 17:11
I try to dual boot Kali with Windows. Following the tutorial it says use Gparted to shrink the existing Windows partition to give us enough room to install Kali Linux.
But actually, Gparted cannot detect my disk, which is an RAID0 SSD disk.

So I shrink the disk in Windows at first and then try do the same thing again manually.
After I choose the filesystem type of the spare partition to ext4 and click continue, it told me I didn't define the "/" dictionary.

Could anyone tell me what should I try next?

The previous problem is solved when I divide a larger(about 20G) disk empty, the installer recognized it and appear the opinion "use the largest continuous free space"

But I met a new problem when installing GRUB. It failed without a clear notification. (sorry I forgot the error message)
Did anyone meet the same problem?

2013-04-20, 12:30
define the mount point as "/" for the specified disk