View Full Version : USB doesn't work on Raspberry Pi

2014-08-12, 19:40
It works for a second when booting up and then suddenly Kali decides to stop giving power to the USB. This has actually costed me money as I assumed it was other errors.

Raspberry Pi B+
Newest Kali Pi Distro, 1.07
USB Keyboard, wired.
USB Keyboard and mouse, wireless.

Again, when it's booting, I can turn caps lock off and on and see the LED on my USB keyboard light up. Root login: nothing. It also claims the ethernet is not connected which isn't true. I plugged everything in and unplugged everything but the essentials: the keyboard and ethernet and still nothing.

What is a person supposed to do?

2014-08-13, 08:47
The current version of Kali Linux isn't supported by Raspberry Pi B+.
There will be an updated version for it on the homepage once its ready.

2014-08-13, 20:36
Thank you!

2014-08-17, 23:31
Remove all udev rules and the problem is solved.
I had this issue today on a new B+ with 1.0.7, googled and found this page.
I noticed it did not see eth0 either - a problem I had when building a Slackware Arm image for the Pi's.
To fix the issue I removed the MicroSD card, mounted the root partition /dev/sdc2 to /usb on another system and ran:
for a in `find /usb/ | grep -i udev` ; do rm -f $a ; done
Crazy? No, screw udev, I hate it. I'm glad it's there for others to use but I will shun it until I need it.
Anyway it fixed my issue, USB keyboards work fine on the B+ and eth0 came up as well.

2014-08-18, 15:19
Does it work with the startx command? I also found a workaround on my own but only in the command line interface which, unfortunately, is not very good for multiple attack vectors at once and seeing live information from all of them or to use something like Beef.

Does it work with the GUI using the fix you're describing? I can't wait to try it when I get home...

2014-08-25, 18:56
Since the release of Kali Linux 1.0.9, Raspberry Pi B+ now works out of the box.


We are pleased to announce that we have updated our Raspberry Pi Kali image to support the new B+ model so that now it works out of the box. This single image now supports all Raspberry Pi models.

Source: http://www.kali.org/news/kali-tools-website-launched-1-0-9-released/