View Full Version : How To: Installing Reaver on RasPi

2014-08-16, 22:52
I want to share some additional steps I had to take for Reaver on the Raspberry Pi Kali install before I forget.

The Element14 WiPi is recognizing in airmon-ng and can be set to monitor mode.

But, wash was not recognized as a command.

I followed the steps found here (http://uwnthesis.wordpress.com/2013/07/21/kali-how-to-fix-wash-that-finds-wps-wifi-networks)

In addition to the libraries listed on that site I also had to install libpcap-dev as well as make (odd that make isn't installed by default).

The actions of make install took care of steps 8 and 9 of the linked tutorial.

Now that I have wash as a recognized command -- I'm pressing on with the adventure of cracking my own WPA2 via WPS :)

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