View Full Version : No partition recognised

2013-04-15, 23:56
First I tried to install using the graphical interface, with custom partition (I have 2 disk, one with my windows installation, the second with a current backtrack installation, the swap partition, and two data partition) so I could install it over the old backtrack one, but it couldn't detect any partition on the drive, like it was totaly unpartionned.

Then I went into the graphical live CD, to try to install it from there (is it only possible?) and I tried using gparted to see if my partitions could be read. Again nothing. But the thing is I could access the files using the file explorer.

Searched a bit everywhere, someone hinted it could be because the drive was a MBR instead of a GPT, so I converted it, but the installer still couldn't see the partition. Tried swaping the drives since it could read the other one fine (and an usb one too), but still the same problem.

Any clue what I could try next?