View Full Version : Raspberry Pi on Model B failing to load

2014-09-01, 14:01
Hello folks,

Did some digging and couldn't find a solution as of yet to my problem.

I have downloaded the most recent Kali-linux.img.xz file and extracted it to get the proper .img file.

I have used win32diskimager (on a Windows 7 box) and wrote the .img file to the sd card.

Upon plugging in the card the Pi simply provides a solid red power light.

I know the Pi is functional as I have a card with NOOBS preloaded that came with the unit.

I'm currently downloading an earlier image version that 1.0.9 to see if that may rectify the problem.

I'm loading the images on a San Disk 32GB Extreme UHS1 card (class 10)

(I've already checked compatibility which indicates that it should be supported by linux).

2014-09-02, 10:12
Alright folks,

I was able to get the San Disk loaded with the Kali image. It loads and appears to be functional. The only issue I've come across now belongs in another thread I believe so I'll see if this thread can be closed.