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2013-03-16, 13:27
Hy all!

I have got a problem with my Dell Vostro 3350 and Kali linux.
The fan is spin with full rpm and i can't fix it. Any idea? I think it's the video card problem ( Switchable Graphic..)
And the other problem. I'll update Fern Wifi cracker, the program says: Reboot request but since it does not start..

BEst Regards

2013-04-01, 16:54
As far as Fern goes, when you update the program it destroys the permissions.

If you open a terminal, and type fern-wifi-cracker, you will see an access denied message.

Im not 100% on the proper way to do it, but I just went through the file manager, right clicked the folder, set all the permissions, and made sure the checkbox for Execute has a - in it, not a check or X.

2013-04-01, 22:55
I have Kali running on a Dell 3350, and had the same issue. Follow this link to a post that fixed my issue:

My fan still cycles a bit, but it does shut off for short periods, whereas before it was on full blast all the time.


2013-04-02, 11:14
Where can you find the folder with fern? I have same problem and would like to get it working somehow.

2013-04-03, 17:28
You can find fern-wifi-cracker located at: /usr/bin/fern-wifi-cracker

2013-04-04, 22:30
The problem I have is also with fern-wifi-cracker, in that, if / when I perform that upgrade, when the app gui screen provides it, the installation seems hidden to the os.
I found the location's for fern's presence and received the same "permission denied" message. It works off a usb, and performs the upgrade (which works nicely)
and is downgraded again when the reboot occurrs. Have to check if same problem accessing from Kali menu occurrs "live".