View Full Version : HID Keyboard Attack

2014-09-24, 15:18
First of all Thank you Binky for your awesome work, and thank you support tilapia ;-) i'm beloadjoker :)

so i tired this attack but not working, i think because the language is not english, so where can i edit the layout? or how this is working? what i need to edit?

i made a screenshot you can see it here:


and sorry for my bad english bros :/

AND i tested nethunter on nexus 5 16 gb and on nexus 7 2012 32gb 3g tilapia and it is working nice :D otg and charging in same time is awesome :D

2014-09-26, 07:17

Long time no talk. The keyboard only supports english scancodes for now but those can be changed with modifications to the keyseed.py in your /sdcard/files/modules/ folder.

Glad it's all working out for you and no need to apologize for the english.

2014-09-26, 08:54
Thank you Binky! :) i check keyseed.py :)

2014-09-27, 22:45

Where i need to start? or where i can find any tutorial how to do this? or what i need to search in google to configure this attack for hungarian language/keyboard layout?
Please help me bro :)