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2014-09-25, 04:09
Nexus 4 owners,

There was some interest in r/netsec on development for the Nexus 4 as a lot of people seem to have an older phones not being used. If you are interested in helping with kernel testing I will provide a link to a current kernel build below:

24/9/2014 - http://d-h.st/kTb

The current build is targeted at Nexus 4.4.3 and 4.4.4. The first step is making sure the kernel flashes without going to a bootloop and then from there we can begin testing with wireless/keyboard.

If you are knowledgable on rooting and feel comfortable flashing a kernel, then by all means please flash and leave feedback. As always, have a backup handy as it's normal for the first builds not to work. Lastly, double check in about > settings > Kernel Version to make sure it flashed properly.

2019-04-06, 13:22
Nup, thats about 500m up the road from Channel Seven where this Nexus thing is meant to go.