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2014-09-27, 22:28
Postgres fails to connect to database,
long time since i have done this, so googled around for quiet a few hours and feels like i'm tying my self in knots. I've been through all the usual commands to create a new user, password, database. Keep getting the can not change directory to root. should mention doing this through the add metasploit user option in the kali android quick menu, option 10, option 2 create metasploit user and data base. Any help or a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

2014-09-27, 22:58
ah, seems i was being impatient, waited for it to completly load after database error, then created database within msfconsole. good things come to those who wait i guess.

2014-09-28, 06:11
Yes, msfconsole can take around 6 minutes to load for the first time.

2014-09-28, 13:34
Impatient i was, well seems to run alot better and automatically connect to the dbase after i updated and upgraded in the console,

2014-10-16, 09:09
Hi There, i am a n00b , and was wondering how to create a database.... so i do the below
service postgresql start
service metasploit start

type msfconsole, wait for a long period and then i get the db error, but will be patient to see what happens after that....

either way how do you create the database ?


2014-10-16, 09:47
my database error comes after 20 minutes, dont know how long i will have to wait :-(

2014-10-19, 05:26
service postgresql start
service metasploit start

service metasploit restart

2014-11-01, 01:33
I too was impatient and kept Ctrl+C'ing thinking it was frozen or something. Took a few minutes.