View Full Version : NetHunter Installer for Windows

2014-09-30, 10:01
We've been working with WugFresh to build a Windows Kali NetHunter installer.
This is what we've got so far:



You're welcome to test and comment!

2014-10-01, 08:05
Very nice Tool. Works great and setup my Nexus 5 easily. Thanks Offensive Security for this great project and support. Greetings from Germany, DarkPringles

2014-10-03, 08:51
Tested with Win8.1 and Nexus 7 2013 WiFi. Perfect. smoothest install method of any so far. Original install I had used Kali, it went OK but internal wireless interface did not work for whatever reason. This install did not have any such problem.


2014-10-05, 01:56
This program works perfectly except for one thing... not sure if it is on my side or not but after installing on my nexus 7 2012 32gb my hard drive was only showing 6gb with 1gb free??? Any thoughts or am I not seeing something right. Thanks

2014-10-06, 09:48
I also had this problem. After using the installer, I followed as mentioned in issue 36 in git hub. Reflashed to stock using rootkit then skipped to step six in windows installer and rooted- installed nethunter. I got my storage back and all seems good.

2014-10-06, 11:04
Thanks for the feedback, i'l really really happy to hear it's working great for you!

2014-10-07, 14:46
Thanks, will give this a try when I get a chance.