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2014-09-30, 10:13

I'm attempting to install OpenVAS, however; when I select yes, I receive an error - cannot resolve security.kali.org - Any ideas?

Is nmap available within nethunter? if so where?

Thanks for a great product - keep up the good work!

2014-09-30, 11:11
1) Sounds like you have an internet connectivity issue. Make sure you care able to connect to the internet form the Kali chroot.
2) Nmap is available in the Kali chroot, together with a bunch of other tools. Go to "Kali Launcher" -> "Launch Kali Shell in Terminal".

2014-10-02, 18:47
This is my first post but I wanted to get this information out there because it took me 2 days to fix this issue. So to start off I was having the issue with the update to openvas 7 through the apt-get commands. I couldn't access my last scans, login wasn't working, NVT sync was not working, --rebuild was not working, all in all it was disastrous. I could not find any solution online until I found a link to "install OpenVas 7 kali linux." However the directions in this link were extensive, so I want to tell you all what I did to get it up and running again.

First off after running all the check setups etc etc, I saw that a file was missing. So I had to add /var/lib/openvas/private ADD the "private" folder, next I followed these commands from the link I found.

Now generate the certificate in the side of the client:
# openvas-mkcert-client -n -i

Update the libraries of the system:
# ldconfig

Update the database with all Network Vulnerability Tests (NVT) available:
# openvas-nvt-sync

Next, we will download and update our security content automation protocol data (“SCAP” data). Be patience this process take a relative long time:
# openvas-scapdata-sync

Now update the CERT database:
# openvas-certdata-sync

We start now the scanner, you can take a few minutes in order, for the first time, to read all installed NVT:
# openvassd
# netstat -atnp | grep 9391
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 19980/openvassd: Wa

From the manager we need to rebuild the database with information from a running scanner, again we need some patience:
# openvasmd ––rebuild ––progress

and start the manager:
# openvasmd
# netstat -atnp | grep openvasmd
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 21021/openvasmd

Create now the user with administrator privileges:
# openvasmd ––create-user=admin ––role=Admin
User created with password ‘251cdf9d-2cc6-4da9-8aa9-b4c8546fd5af’

Start now the GSA daemon:
# gsad
# netstat -atnp | grep gsad
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 21642/gsad

After all of this I rebooted and then started openvas and ran the check setup. It worked. Also I should note that the "LISTEN" port numbers were different on my machine and also please NOTE that all past scans will probably be gone. I hope this helps anyone else out there because it took a lot to trouble shoot for me.
IN addition I will provide the link I use to help trouble shoot below: