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2014-10-01, 20:33
Hi All,

So as far as kali linux is concerned, ive had a reasonable amount of practice using VMware, i know how a variety of in build tools work and how to use certain tack options to go with them,
but the backend, how exactly its working, im pretty new to.
Recently purchased a nexus 7 2013 for the sole purpose of this install, being tied to an Iphone hasnt necessarily left me with much android OS practice, but im getting there.
Im after a bit of help, the install seems to have gone smoothly, as far as i can tell, and am currently waiting for my TP-Link adapter to come in the post, as the ALFA AWUS036H seems to be either too (powerful?) or just generally not work with the OTG cable i have, causing constant restarts, until the cable has been disconnected.And lets face it, the alfa cards arent stealthy in the slightest, and potentially could cause unwanted attention due to the nature of the card, despite using it solely as a means to connect. That was just a caution warning incase anyone was in the same boat.

Basically my Java -version is indicating in on 1.6 after the install of Nethunter, armitage, ettercap-gtk and the alike wont work for me in VNC due to a problem which says should be fixed by java 1.7.0, and after reading several documents, im still no closer to finding my answer, how can i update the java package to 1.7.0?
Also, when using the HID attack on my WIN7 machine, Ill execute it, itll open cmd and start the payload, but then i get a message in red writing saying theres an irregular charactor, will post tomorrow when it decides to work again, but with minimal tutorials/guides, im strugging a bit.

Although not having even half the experience that most of you will have on here, im am looking for professional, constructive ideas to aid my progression, i am keen to learn, and please, point me in the direction of any guides relating to these topics, im more than happy to research myself, but thats what ive been doing for the past 3 days outside of work, to no avail. Im not looking to DOS attack my mates when theyre beating me at a game, nor am i looking to use the knowledge and tools at my disposal to be the next star of "most wanted" programs, i have a genuine passion for this line of work, and hoping to chat with a reasonable character in order to try fix the issues im having, and hopefully learn a thing or two in the process.
Many thanks in advanced,