View Full Version : Wifi not working

2014-10-03, 11:49
Sorry for my English
I just install nethunter in my nexus7(2013mobile)
All installing successful very nice but it can't see any wifi network , I can't turn on the network ((((( please help me to solve via problem

2014-10-04, 18:27
I have same problem. I get error : SIOCGIFFLAGS (no such device )

2014-10-05, 03:42
I had the same problem with the n7 2013 installer when everything was done manually from my normal hd installed 64 bit Kali 1.09, even though the install seemed to not have any problems.
Reinstalled NetHunter using the Windows Nethunter installer and WugFresh NRT on a 32bit windows 8.1 and wifi works fine again.

Probably not what you wanted to hear, hopefully you backed up anything important first. :)

2014-10-05, 07:26
Which "network" can't you turn on? Very difficult to provide support if you don't describe your situation well.

2014-10-05, 15:23
Also, what version of android are you running?

2014-10-06, 07:00
If you are not using 4.4.4 you will have missing wifi because the firmware is different between 4.4.2 and 4.4.4.