View Full Version : Securing your NetHunter Device

2014-10-04, 08:34
This thread will try to list the recommended practices for securing your NetHunter device:

1) Employ Android Disk Encryption, even at the price of lower performance.
2) Disable the Web Interface panel when not in use. The Web Panel will eventually be replaced with a native app.
3) Enable Screen Lock PIN or Password on your device.
4) Keep your Kali chroot updated - apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade often!
5) Change default SSH root passwords! Our motto is "toor is not secure!".
6) Avoid enabling services such as VNC on interfaces other than

That's it for now! If you have any more ideas, post them in this thread!

0E 800
2014-10-14, 18:29
No joke - a cracked screen device is great for increasing security.

I own a poorboy N7-2012 (purchased for $50 because of cracked screen / no touch support)
I am able to do initial setup using otg-cable + usb-mouse, I then set up bluetooth to work with small bluetooth-keyboard/mouse combo.
In the event someone tries to access my device, its not something they would be able to do quickly even with the password.

Food for thought.