View Full Version : OTG wired Bluetooth sniffer combine with bluelog in Kali

2014-10-11, 07:01
Hi guys, I have a Bluetooth sniffer which can be connected to my nexus5 by using OTG wire, is that possible to sniffeing bluetooth signal by using it combine with the software like bluelog in kali linux? If yes how can I do that? thanks

2014-10-11, 07:34
Why don't you just try it out ?

2014-10-12, 08:54
Hi guys, I search the net to solve my sena ud100 bluetooth issue. I noticed that the nethunter did not provide the bluetooth package for us by default which is necessary for supporting external devices. So I did this

aptitude install bluetooth

then do this from the chroot of kali linux

cd ..

/etc/init.d/bluetooth status (the output is [FAIL] bluetooth is not running ... failed)

then I do

/etc/init.d/bluetooth start (the output is [ok] ..)

and when I check the dev

hcitool dev (there is no bluetooth device displayed)

Hopefully admin can give us some hint thanks