View Full Version : Abd/fastboot install for nexus devices 64 bit architecture

2014-10-11, 08:03
Hi everyone just thought i would make this thread for anyone thats new to kali linux like me :d hope this helps someone!

Make sure you got the apt-get update, apt-get upgrade and apt-get dist-upgrade commands done first (this should be the first thing you do)

now go to applications - system tools - add/remove software you will be met with this window (SORRY FOR PIC QUALITY IN ADVANCE)


now go to top left hand corner in search bar and type nexus there will be a list of programs to install you are looking for (adb and fast boot for use with nexus device)

notice that there is an x in the small black box next to the writing make sure that is present and hit apply it will start downloading and installing for you, now see where it says homepage in dialogue box bottom right hand corner click homepage this will take you to a web page where you can also copy and paste the code in the terminal and it will automatically install adb/fastboot script for you, this is for 64bit architecture but seems to work fine with my nexus device.

Really hope this helps someone else like me.