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2014-10-12, 09:26
Hi guys, I am using a TPlink wifi card with OTG connect to nethunter on my nexus5.
The Wifite works perfectly fine, however there is an issue.
After wifite got a handshake file, it will automatic crack by using aircrack-ng, it gose about 1000 -1500 keys per second.
The thing is after around 1 min, the phone is extremely slow and no responds. I was try ctrl+C to abort the wifite, it not works. Finally I restart my phone, is there any solution for this? or do I have to restart my phone every time? thanks

2014-10-14, 03:19
zerone - That's because the Nexus is overheating/overworking. I'll look into shrinking the wordlist or you could replace it yourself in /opt/dic/89.txt. The nexus is not really made to handle cracking handshakes as much as I want to believe.

2014-10-15, 12:57
I am assuming I had a similar issue? [not sure] I have the Nexus 7 2013 wifi and ran wifite against my home AP. Captured handshake and as noted above aircrack-ng went right to work. In my situation it seemed to be working fine but I also noticed that while using the OTG Y cable the tablet was not indicating it was charging however it "was" but slowly.

I left it for a few hours then when I came back the tablet was powered off and when turning back on the battery had drained 10%. Is this because it overheated or something else? Also IMPORTANT where can I look for the .cap file it found and saved? I want to copy it off to a regular machine for testing.

Thanks in advance for the help and everyone's work on this!

2014-10-16, 09:10
others says /captures/wifite/hs/

but for me is /KALI-ARMHF/hs